Alfalfa is an herb that is found primarily in North America and the Mediterranean regions. It is a flowering plant from the pea family that thrives in the cool seasons and resembles a large clover with its egg shaped leaves. Most easily identified by its beautiful purple flowers, it can be found growing up to 3 feet tall.

Benefits of Alfalfa

The alfalfa herb has a wide variety of uses. It is rich in vitamins and minerals such as copper, calcium and vitamin K, while also providing numerous amino acids. Some of the practical herbal remedy elements of alfalfa stem from its detoxification properties. It is a diuretic that remove toxins, as well as alkalizing the body. Additional uses as an herbal remedy include:

  • Increases quality and quantity of milk in nursing mothers
  • Helps the body fight infection
  • Acts as a cleanser to the blood, liver and bowel.
  • Effective in lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Aids the kidneys in clearing out excess water.


Natural Health naysayers offer a long list of potential objections to using sprouts, most of them based on incomplete information. For most people, sprouts are inherently safe, but they do interact with certain medications.

A medical practitioners advice should be sought before eating massive alfalfa.

Where and How to Buy Alfalfa

Alfalfa is available in a variety of forms. You can take your pick of capsules, ground leaves, or even seeds. A typical recommended dose is 40 mg of alfalfa seed or 5,000 mg of dried leaves. It is worth noting that the dosing recommendations will differ based on the purpose for use and that a general practitioner should be consulted before using alfalfa as an herbal remedy.

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