Applied Kinesiology and Natural Health

What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology ("AK") is a relatively new system for diagnosing body function by means of muscle testing, founded by chiropractor George J. Goodheart, in 1964. He claimed that when properly applied, it provides feedback on the functional status of the body and provides insight to determine the efficacy of the subsequent therapy.

The basic premise behind applied kinesiology is that every organ dysfunction is discoverable in a related muscle and accompanied by weakness in a specific corresponding muscle or muscle group.

Because of its multi-disciplinary approach, Applied Kinesiology can purportedly be used as both a diagnostic as well as a therapeutic tool. Since it combines many methodologies within alternative healthcare, including chiropractic therapies, it allows the patient an opportunity for additional, non invasive natural health alternatives.

Practical Application

Most AK practitioners will begin a visit with a group of muscle tests to help in the diagnosis process. These tests help to isolate the area on concern and to highlight any imbalances that may exist. Additional diagnostic activities include a broad scope question and answer session used learn about your lifestyle, behaviors, and diet. Since it is believed that most problems can be related to chemical imbalances and stress, the Q and A session can prove very helpful.

After these initial tests are administered, an evaluation of the strength of the muscles is performed. Given the many causes of muscular weakness and the equally many causes, there are obviously many different procedures that may be used in your treatments.

Once the practitioner feels comfortable they have identified the abnormality, the treatments begin. Treatments may involve very specific joint manipulations, myofascial therapies, acupuncture and even counseling. Essentially, your first visit will be the determinant of future treatments, as it specifically identifies the program needed for recovery.

Bottom Line

Even for many alternative medicine and natural health practitioners, applied kinesiology is a hard sell. The level of subjectivity in diagnosis and treatment has left many in traditional medicine shaking their head. In fact, a recent study found that three different AK practitioners testing eleven patients all came away with significantly different assessments of their subjects and even more variance in treatment options.

I think it is safe to say that AK is best used in conjunction with other conventional diagnostic methods in determining the right path for treatment.

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