Using Asea for Athletic Performance

The product, ASEA was originally created as a way to boost immune system function at the cellular level of our bodies. However, much to the surprise (and joy)of the ASEA team, it was discovered that people were performing better athletically as well. Many athletes began to claim it would increase endurance in biking and running, while others claimed they could maintain their intensity longer. It was like they were using a pre workout supplement, but without the “speed” feeling and unwanted chemicals.

ASEA for Athletics

ASEA Studies and Research

After the anecdotal information was shared, the Asea leadership team sought after some independent studies to determine if the claims were true. Seventeen athletes performed a VO2 max test where heart rate, oxygen intake (VO2), Carbon Dioxide outflow (VCO2) and Ventilatory Threshold were measured using the standard professionally administered VO2max endurance test. The results have been unbelievable.

The Asea research has shown that nearly 70% of the athletes that tried ASEA experienced the ability to maintain a higher power output without crossing the Ventilatory Threshold (VT) that instigates fatigue, allowing them to go longer at the same power burn or to operate at a higher power burn than possible before ASEA.

Additional studies on ASEA show a similar theme of amazing results. The studies show an increase in lactate flushing by up to 10%, and even a reduction in heart rate, which allows for improved performance and less pain while engaging in endurance training. However, the most important benefit of ASEA is the improvement in recovery time following endurance training and strength training.

Recovery is the “holy grail” for an athlete. Most people think that steroids are popular because they “make you big”. In actuality, they are popular because you can recover faster and get back in the gym quicker. ASEA offers this without the side effects….and the illegality.

It almost sound too good to be true doesn’t it? So does ASEA work? I believe it does without a doubt. Trust me; there is no Asea scam, just an amazing new product that is safe, 100% natural, and legal in all professional sports organizations.

My Personal ASEA Review

Relay Finish

My personal experience with the product is an interesting story. A friend of mine offered it to me about 10 months ago. I begrudgingly agreed and began a limited and inconsistent use of it over the course of a week or two. I noticed nothing and gave the remaining back to him.

Fast forward ten months, and I began to reconsider my half-hearted approach. After continually hearing about it and seeing friends in the running community brag about it, did I decide to try the ASEA product again. I’m glad I did. It took about 3 weeks of consistent use (following directions), but I began to notice my workouts weren’t quite as taxing. In the gym, I could push more reps than normal. Once I got home, I simply wasn’t as sore. I was intrigued but still unsure.

Next, I took ASEA on the road to test for improved endurance. I did a few 10K runs and a few 10 mile bike rides. This is where I became a believer. I hit hills with aggression and never needed to recover. I never felt the lactic acid build as I biked and felt great when I was done. I’m an experienced athlete, and I can tell you that I have been very impressed.

Don’t just take my word for it. Give it a try yourself. There are many triathletes and ultra-marathoners who are using the product, including world renowned athletes like, Rich Roll and Andres Castillo. What’s more, is that you have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Give it a try. You have the Natural Health Lifestyles endorsement and we firmly believe you won’t be disappointed.

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