Build Lean Muscles
with These Tips

When combining cardio and weight training in the same workout, do the weight training first as you’ll need all your energy. After the weight training then do the cardio as a finisher. If you don’t have enough time for 30 minutes of weight training followed by 30 minutes of cardio in the same day, then combine them!

Combining cardio and weight training will keep your heart pumping at a high level to burn fat and calories to build lean muscles. The variety of exercises will make your workout time go fast. A weight lifting and cardio workout can even be done at home. A workout like this will build lean muscles even if you do it only three times a week.

The key to combining cardio and weight training is to keep it at a consistent moderately intense level. Doing this will strengthen major muscles along with your heart. You’ll get strength and conditioning which is needed to stay physically fit and help decrease the chance of major diseases. A workout like this is well rounded and will build lean muscles.

After doing the combined cardio and weight training workout a few times you can add more repitions or increase the weights. Increase gradually so as not to damage your muscles. Once you reach the six month mark of faithfully exercising, then you can add another set of weight lifting exercises.

Start with a cardio warmup of a five minute walk or jog. Do this on a treadmill, nordictrack, jog in place, jump rope or jump on a small exercise trampoline.

Next do one set of 12 to 15 repititions for each weight lifting exercise. If you want sculpted muscle use heavier weights and less reps. Or if you want to build lean muscles then do more than 15 reps with lighter weights.

To keep your heart up and this workout at a moderately intense level, only rest to catch your breath between exercises. Also make sure you exhale at the point in the exercise when you’re exerting the most strength.

First weight training exercise is the dumbbell fly. Lie flat on a bench while holding a pair of dumbbells over your head with palms facing in. Lower your arms in a wide arc with elbows slightly bent until your hands are even with your chest. Then raise your arms back up. That is one rep.

Next is the dreaded push up. Everyone’s arm muscles are weak from lack of use (typing or beer lifting is not a workout). Lay down on the floor with only your toes and hands touching the floor. Keep your legs straight behind you during this.

Start with your arms straight then bend your elbows to lower yourself to the floor. Do not arch your back and inhale as you go down. Once your nose or chest touches the floor then push yourself back up. That is one rep.

The last exercise is the bent over fly. Sit bent over with your chest on your thighs. Hold a pair of dumbbells with your arms hanging straight down and palms facing in. With your elbows slightly bent raise your arms in a wide arc until they’re even with your chest. Then slowly bring your arms back down again. That is one rep.

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