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No Healthy Lifestyle can be complete without a proper Fitness and Exercise program. Our goal at is to provide you with the "skinny" (small pun intended) about staying in shape.

Regardless of what your exercise interests are, we are sure you will find something fun and energizing to uncover the fit and toned body each of us has underneath.

So, what type of exercises do I do? How long should I do them? Should I lift weights or do cardio? Do I need a personal trainer? What about outdoor sports?

Relax! Developing a Fitness and Exercise program doesn’t have to be a daunting task. To simplify things for you, we’ll be looking at a wide variety of fitness regimens so you can select one, or a combination of things that will perfectly complement your particular health and lifestyle needs.

Here are some simple tips to beginning a new program

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Assess your current fitness level At this point you need to be honest with yourself and determine where you stand. What is your real level of fitness? Are you a newbie or an old hand at the exercise game? Either way, this assessment is critical to reaching your future health and fitness goals.

Determine you goals Do you want to lose weight? build muscle? Both? Setting goals is often an important first step in mentally preparing for your program. Understand your goals, keep them realistic, and then build your workouts around them. Plan to succeed or you are planning to fail!

Design your fitness program Once you understand where you are at physically and where you want to go, you must set out to design and create your fitness and exercise program. This is where our site will be invaluable. We will provide you with a variety of routines from many different disciplines. Each program will focus on the important mind-body connection, such as uderstanding the body's seven chakras. Hey, nobody said exercise shouldn't be fun!

Monitor your progress Once you begin your program, you must continually monitor your progress. This will be an on going process as you move through your routines. Typically every 6-8 weeks is a good time to evaluate your progress and determine if you are meeting your goals. As you learn more, this may also be a good time to mix up your routine to avoid boredom or stagnation. You will quickly find that adhering to your training regimen along with your other lifestyle changes will benefit you with tremendous results!

Always remember that developing Fitness and Exercise programs are only one of the many elements of the lifestyle choices you must make in order to be Naturally Healthy. However, we believe that if you make your physical fitness programs fun and high on your priority list, you will find more energy and have a more positive attitude towards the other changes you want to make.

Our site will cover a variety of ways to exercise and be healthy. Our primary focus, will be the natually healthy forms of exercise, that encourage a good mind-body connection, and a positive outlook. Some of the types of exercises and disciplines that will be covered include:

The key to preventing heart disease later in life is to become aware now, not later, because it could be too late. Being overweight and physical inactivity can lead to various conditions such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, cancer, stroke, diabetes, breathing problems, and more. Start taking action now!

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