A Healthy Attitude for Healthy Living

How many of you have a healthy attitude? The kind of attitude that shows your optimism towards life and really makes people want to be around you.

For those of you exhibiting a healthy attitude, you will be glad to know that optimism directly influences your health and your quality of life as you age, and may even help you to live longer. For those who haven’t yet adopted the right attitude, there is still hope for you to change.

Being an optimist and having a positive attitude may help reduce your risk of dying from heart disease and many other types of illnesses. Further benefits of a healthy attitude include:

  • Better ability to deal with work and other daily activities.

  • Fewer limitations due to pain and emotional stress

  • Increased energy and exuberance

  • A more peaceful, calm and relaxed state of mind

  • Better and longer lasting social connections

  • An easier time dealing with life’s frustrations and challenges Healthy Attitude
    The Dangers of a Negative Attitude

    Negative attitudes and a generally sour outlook on life is reason for concern. These negative thoughts may cause you to be more prone to illness due to a weakened immune system and can seriously impact your social interactions.

    Pessimists are those that see life’s events as a negative and always expect the worst. Then, when the “worst” occurs, they either blame them selves or just go on living satisfied that things will always go bad. Continuance down this path sometimes can even lead to thoughts of suicide.

    Tips on Creating a Healthy Attitude

    • Exercise. Fitness and exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel good and feel healthy.

    • Eat well. The body and mind connection is a powerful thing. How we eat directly influences our mental outlook.

    • Get Out. Being outside does wonders for almost everyone. In fact, the more contact with nature we have, the better we feel.

    • Get Stress Relief. Using stress management techniques can be very helpful in reducing your negativity.

    • Laugh Often. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and that a life full of smiling and laughing, from whatever cause will uplift you, and make your more vibrant and healthy.

    • Get plenty of rest. Sleep refreshes you, gives you more energy, and relieves stress.

    Life will always present innumerable challenges and frustrations. What matters is making every effort to maintain a good attitude. In other words, make sure the glass is half-full instead of half-empty. A healthy attitude is up to you to maintain, so be an optimist. Your life depends on it.

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