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We often get questions about the topic of healthy kids and how to best incorporate natural health principles into their young and impressionable lifestyles. As a parent of two young children myself, this is an intriguing topic.

As is obvious, our site is about education and empowerment. The more you know about healthy living, the better you can prepare yourself for a long and fulfilling life. I can’t imagine a better way to improve the health of our terribly unhealthy global population that to share natural health knowledge with children at an early age. Clearly, the habits that children form at a young age will have a great chance to remain with them as they age. I would submit to you that it is far easier to build a healthy lifestyle as an adult if you've been educated and influenced as a child.

I am reminded of the quote from Fredrick Douglas; "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." -- Frederick Douglas. Too often in our society we are doing just that; repairing broken men. Our healthcare system is broken structurally and broke monetarily, mostly because of lifestyle choice. Smoking, obesity, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise. This list goes on and on. If we as a society can build up healthy kids, then we can build a healthier society.

As we explore this topic, we will be listening to you, our visitors with what questions you may have. We will look at the research and science around children and health as well as incorporating the thoughts of teachers in both the public and private school settings. I anticipate some fascinating research and reading ahead.

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