Herbal Remedies

In a world gone mad with pharmaceuticals and chemical “fixes” to their ailments, we are here to ensure that herbal remedies get their due.

For centuries, people have relied upon herbal home remedies for everything from basic first aid, to more complex mixtures for the more serious maladies. In fact, proper herbal mixtures can prevent illness, while having an antibiotic and even anti inflammatory applications.

Below we have an ever growing list of herbal remedies, listed alphabetically for your information and use. The format will be simple: tell you about the herb, where it comes from and why it’s a valuable natural health resource. We will also provide information on related natural healthcare topics including aromatherapy and homeopathy applications, as well as any safety precautions for the medicinal plants in question.

Finally, we have attempted to show you the best places on the web to purchase pure organic herbs and spices. We have selected them with your safety and benefit in mind.






Gingko Biloba



Shiitake Mushroom


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