Understanding the Mind and Body Connection


By now we’ve likely all heard about the mysterious mind and body connection. Wouldn't it be great if we were one of those lucky individuals who experienced a stronger connection between our body and mind. Imagine the possibilities. But what exactly does the mind and body connection really mean? What is the true impact? Maybe it sounds a little too fluffy and new agey to truly wrap your head around. I agree, which is why we dug a little deeper into the topic.

In order to gain that ultimate feeling of peace and wellbeing you need to put your mind around your whole body and allow the two to work together as one dynamic system. This is a natural holistic approach at its foundation.

We don’t just think with our minds. We don’t just act with our bodies. We translate our thoughts and feelings to our body. Actually, we become what we think.

Go back to the idea of the Chakra System . It is an amazing example of how everything we feel and think is recognized in our physical body. There are chemical changes that actually occur in the brain either honoring or dishonoring ourselves.

Yoga is another amazing example of achieving total harmony. Exercise in general will promote stress relief and release endorphins helping to regulate our sleep patterns and uplift our moods (and of course so many other wonderful things). But yoga and other ancient forms of meditation and exercise are truly meant to develop your body while developing your mind.

This is done by focusing on the life force flowing through all of us, pranayama, the breath . By resting our minds behind our breath, we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to concentrate deeper on what our body is doing. Therefore, the mind and the body can equally develop.

This connection can be taken ever further and be felt as the mind/soul connection. With consistent practice we learn to listen to our bodies to know what we need and where our limitations are. We learn to listen to our minds and eventually find that our soul is limitless. By nourishing our bodies and our minds we learn that vibrant health is easily accessible even deep down in the soul, providing spiritual wellness.

The mind, body, and soul connection provides our life with purpose and vitality that otherwise might not have been tapped into. So take extra time just for you to seek out exercises that not only shape your body, but shape who you are in this world. You will find that you are blessed with your own special gifts that can make this a kinder, gentler world.

Brooke Pennington is the head Yoga instructor for her local YMCA and also works with local businesses in their health and wellness programs. She can be contacted at brooke@naturalhealthlifestyles.com

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