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Natural Acne Cures

The age old issue of acne has many people on the lookout for natural acne cures. The benefits of using natural medicine instead of the variety of chemical that are most often used is becoming more commonplace. This follows suit with all elements of natural holistic health, as being without a level plan of using vitamins, fruits, natural minerals and other nutritional foods, one cannot achieve optimum health.

You will undoubtedly see the same thing when it comes to the horrible condition of acne. Perhaps acne is one of the topmost important conditions to be treated naturally due to its prevalence in the teenage years, however, adult acne also poses great problems.

Because this acne condition is mostly caused by a high level of skin oil and the small bacteria that consumes it, a certain measure of prevention can be taken by easily making sure your face, body and hair are kept consistently clean. Truly, this method will definitely help acne cases that are not severe and many that are. Along with keeping clean, importance can be given to eating correctly to help prevent this condition. It is known that many foods can encourage acne to persist. Being alert at what foods might increase the condition of acne is very helpful.

Avoiding or reducing your intake of foods that contain too much high sugar, oily foods, meat (pork), transfatty acids (like margarine, milk products, fried foods), or high iodine foods like cheese, liver, and iodized salt. Ingesting these can definitely help cause the body to lower its ability to avoid an onslaught or breakout of acne.

Some natural substances exist that will help treat the acne condition. These may hopefully come close to getting that acne natural cure. These substances include sulfur containing products, zinc, Pantothenic acid, and Azelaic acid.

First, the use of items with sulfur content for helping skin has existed for many many years. Products such as these with sulfur are used as an antiseptic that is topically applied to the skin. In many cases, they can be very effective. You'll find that quite a few product medications have sulfur as one of the ingredients. Although most products don't have this ingredient and usually use benzoyl peroxide instead, some manufacturers do use it.

Secondly, zinc is commonly used to help with curing acne naturally since it is they nutrient of prime importance to consistently stabilize the human body. One area this helps with is keeping high testosterone levels at an even keel. During puberty these levels can go haywire and definitely can encourage the development of acne. Therefore it is good to stabilize these levels with zinc. The zinc also helps keep the immune system strong and assists with the control of inflammation.

Thirdly, Pantothenic acid at high doses can be very effective in helping to treat acne naturally. A usual dose of 10 g per day will often be used. Research studies have found that this acid work against acne fast by lowering the amount of skin oil produced by the body.

Lastly, Azelaic acid which is natural has been shown to give decent results that are possibly equal to benzoyl peroxide, tetracycline, and/or Retin-A. The products do with this acid containing a 20% amount have been seen to be most effective. Most all ranges of acne can be effectively treated with this substance naturally. However, it is important to note that it can take up to four weeks to show good effects when using products with the substance.

The substances should definitely help your way to being a natural acne cure for your body. Sometimes you have to look extensively to find these substances in products but they can be found. Let me also say that other important nutrients should be used also including vitamins B6, E, and A, but also selenium, and chromium. Most all of these can be found in a local natural foods store or online.

To find out more about acne treatment go to AcneTreatmentLabs.net

Arland Kent writes about various topics including health, dogs and business.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Arland_Kent

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