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Natural Cures for Allergies

I have received some interesting emails recently about natural cures for allergies and how different home remedies and herbal mixtures have brought relief to their suffering. As always, I will share what I have learned with you so you too can enjoy some allergy relief.

Allergies are a condition where a person has an adverse reaction to certain substances and chemicals that many would consider to be harmless. Allergens can be airborne particles, animals, plants, and even foods. The problem is that the body has decided that these substances are harmful to your body.

While it’s true that some allergies can be life threatening, the vast majority of us suffer from seasonal allergies, which are a nuisance, rather than dangerous. Our interest is in alleviating the symptoms so that we can get on with our lives.

Natural cures for allergies are those that don’t include the use of pharmaceutical drugs, nasal sprays, and inhalers. They generally focus on the problem, rather than the symptom and may prove to be more effective. The following is a short list that you might find helpful.

A clean environment The best way to avoid allergy symptoms is prevention. Finding the right environment can be a game of avoidance and careful planning. At home this can mean a quality air purifier and regularly changing your air filters. It also means avoiding the use of chemicals and living a greener lifestyle.

A Healthy Liver The liver is important to keep clean and healthy, as excess toxins can contribute to allergies by producing histamines. There are a variety of supplements and herbs aimed at promoting liver health, such as milk thistle, fruit juices, and natural detoxification pills.

A naturally healthy diet A healthy diet is a staple in any healthy living initiative. As a natural cure for allergies, your diet is of paramount importance. Avoid processed foods, as they add toxins to your liver. (See above). Natural and organic foods have been proven to keep your body cleaner, healthier, and more able to handle allergy causing substances.

Natural Juices An easy and effective method to naturally cure allergies is to drink fruit and vegetable juices. Drinking a mixture fruit and vegetable juices has been shown to alleviate symptoms.

Apple Cider Vinegar When used as a daily supplement or even at the first signs of an allergic reaction, apple cider vinegar may be the most effective natural cure for allergies on the market! Known for its ability to stop the histamine build up, it can be added to your water or juices up to three times a day for effective relief.

Take a multivitamin In order to ward off many household allergies, optimum health must be present. Taking a multivitamin as part of your healthy lifestyle will allow you to have the necessary vitamins and minerals so that you can function effectively and recover quicker from your allergies.

Homeopathic Remedies Many people try homeopathic remedies to sooth their allergies with great success. A product that benefited me and others I know is AllergiClear. I strongly recommend it! Get More Info on AllergiClear for Natural Allergy Relief

These are just a few of the natural allergy cures that have been researched here. We hope you find them helpful and will continue to update you with more and we hear about them. In the meantime, stay healthy and live happily.

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