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Natural Cures for Depression

Many people who suffer from bouts of depression, may not realize that there are natural cures for depression and treatment alternatives to the conventional prescription options. As widespread as depression has become, and with the over prescription of pills that we are bombarded with, the natural methods are gaining in popularity.

Natural Cure for depression
Depression is a psychiatric disorder that causes feelings of sadness, guilt, and hopelessness. Sometimes, in severe cases, it can lead to thoughts of suicide and death. Everyone at times has been depressed, but for those with clinical depression the emotions are much stronger and the chemical imbalance is more permanent.

For those seeking out a cure or treatment for depression, there are many considerations, as each case is different. However, the following list of natural alternatives should apply universally.

One of the most well known and effective natural cures for depression is St Johns Wort. This is an extract that can be found in pill form or as a tea. There have been numerous clinical studies proving the validity of this as a treatment. I have actually used it just as a pick-me-up on occasion. Safe, natural, and proven, St Johns Wort should be at or near the top of your list.

Herbal remedies for depression are becoming much more popular lately. Here are some additional choices:

1. Ginkgo biloba is well known as a mood enhancer. It increases blood flow to the brain and may help to regulate the brain’s neurotransmitters.

2. Siberian ginseng also helps to regulate the neurotransmitters. It has also been known to provide more energy and aid in concentration.

3. Valerian is another highly regarded herbal remedy for depression. Specifically used to lessen anxiety, it is a big help in allowing you to get back into social interactions.

SAM-e is a biological compound that is found in all living cells. Our bodies naturally make this substance, but when it is low, it may lead to health problems including depression. Taken as a supplement, it acts as an antidepressant by increasing the levels of dopamine in the body.

Exposure to sunlight has long been known as a way to feel better and is one of the most simple natural cures for depression. Ever heard of seasonal affective disorder? Basically, it is a disorder caused by inadequate exposure to the sun. The bottom line is that those who spend more time in the sun will have an increase in Serotonin levels, which will keep your mood and energy levels higher.

A healthy diet plan as well as proper exercise and adequate rest will all go a long way in remedying depression. Remember, the mind and the body are as one in almost every application. So treating the body well will benefit the mind and benefit your symptoms of depression.

With a combination of solid lifestyle choices and a keen awareness to the natural cures for depression outlined here, you will have a better chance of beating depression and living life to the fullest!

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