Natural Cures

Natural Cures come from a variety of sources and have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Today, these previously well known remedies have been forgotten and in some cases concealed.

Natural health remedies generally include traditional herbal medicines. Many of these are Chinese and Native North American medicines. Additional types include: homeopathic preparations, Bach flower remedies, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

The use of these cures depends on how much you value your own health and that of your family. It is a continuing concern to many people that these expensive chemical and synthetic drugs continue to be promoted by doctors and drug companies.

In today's society, natural cures and remedies are becoming more popular as we are increasing conscious of what we put in our body. Coupled with rising costs and the well noted side effects of conventional medicine, it's no wonder people are searching for alternatives.

Natural remedies and cures are typically inexpensive, use no chemicals, have near zero side effects, and can usually be done at home, rather than the doctors office. You may even find many of these natural remedies can be found in your home and in your spice cabinets! Our favorite source of natural remedy products can be found from our partners at Native Remedies. Here you will find countless products for your healthy lifestyle. We will provide you information of specific herbal remedies, healing foods, essential oils, and natural supplementation. We want to be your definitive online source for natural health cures and information!

Natural Cures for Common Ailments:

Acid Reflux Learn about the variety of natural cures for acid reflux, that you wont find at your local pharmacy.

Acne Acne sufferers: There is hope! Not only can simple lifestyle changes like your diet impact your skin, there are actually natural cures that treat issues like Rosacea and facial scarring.

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Complaints of ADD and ADHD are almost always are followed by a trip to the pharmacy, in spite of considerable medical concerns. Before you resign yourself to this fate, read about the natural alternatives.

Allergies Everyone suffers from allergies at some point in their lives. Learn about some alternative treatments options for this uncomfortable reality...

Arthritis Suffering from arthritis isn't exclusive to the elderly. It is an issue for many age groups and can be treated naturally in many cases.

Back Pain Back pain and back injuries are among the most debilitating maladies you can face. Learn about some treatments that may prove effective for you.

Constipation Like many other digestive issues, constipation is easily treated with home remedies and whole foods.

Depression Depression is a serious issue for a number of people and often overlooked because it is "unseen". This article reviews some natural applications and treatments for depression sufferers.

Digestive and Gastrointestinal Problems Digestive problems are more common today than at any point in history. The preponderance of processed foods and unhealthy diets are often the cause...

Gallstones Surgery may not be your only option! Natural Cures for Gallstones do exist and may be effective for you.

Hangovers I'm never drinking again! Yea right! We've all said that before, but what do you do in the morning to feel better? We've got ya covered.

Hypothyroidism Learn about the symptoms and natural treatments for hypothyroidism in this thoughtful article.

Inflammation An amazing cactus juice discovery from the Sonoran Desert has been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation. We fill you in on the details.

Insomnia Lack of sleep can be a frightening experience, and one that can be complicated with powerful drugs. We show you some safe, natural alternatives...

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Sore Throat Sore throats are a nuisance and we've got the cures...

Smoking Kicking the smoking habit is near impossible without the right tools and the right information.

Stress Few things are more debilitating and damaging to your health than stress. We show you some effective natural cures for stress and related symptoms.

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