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There are nearly an infinite amount of natural health news topics to cover when dealing with all of the elements and factors influencing our lifestyles. A natural health lifestyle, as we like to call it, can cover topics from how to lose weight to becoming more environmentally friendly, to national politics.

As we continue to research natural health news topics of interest, we will share them here. Not only will you find original articles, we will also link you to reputable journalistic and scholarly articles.

Since everyone is short on time, has a short attention span, and loves a quick link to topics of interest, we will continue to add the natural health news of the day. We hope you enjoy…

What is a Natural Health Lifestyle? We attempt to explain the misconceptions as well as the merits of living a natural health lifestyle.

What is Candida? Learn how candida overgrowth is prevented, caused and treated.

Is Nopalea an Effective Treatment for Inflammation? Nopalea has made many headlines lately, but are the claims of it being a revolutionary anti-inflammatory cure true?

The Link between Depression and Inflammation New studies have shown a link between depression and inflammation. We explore the implications.

Eco-Friendly Top Ten Our eco-friendly listing for your natural health lifestyle.

Is Organic Food Bad for the Economy? A fascinating look at the economics of organic foods and how it might be affecting us in ways we couldn't have predicted.

How Asea Benefits a Healthy Lifestyle Asea is being called the most significant natural health advancement in a generation. We show you the science.

The Difference Between Climate Change and Environmentalism Are you sick of the over-politicizing of simply trying to be a good steward of the earth? Me too. I vent a bit on our political shenanigans..

The Modern Age of Natural Health Schools Natural Health schools have come a long way over the years and are now top-flight institutions that focus on a variety of wellness techniques.

Is Junk Food Cheaper than Health food? A telling look at how junk food costs more than you might think.

Top Ten New Years Resolutions New years is usually a time for broken resolutions, but we show you some natural health alternatives that you can stick with.

Top Ten Products for a Non Toxic Household We show you what we consider to be among the top products for your non toxic household.

How Redox Signaling is Essential to Health Redox Signaling is a hot topic in natural health circles. We explain the science that may change the wellness paradigm forever!

School Cafeteria Food and Natural Health School Cafeteria food continues to be an embarrassment that implicates not only our federal government, but local municipalities. We simply must improve our school food to help our children be healthy and learn.

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