Natural Pest Control for your Pets

As warm weather approaches, so to do the insects that harass our pets and our need for natural pest control. As a general rule, many pet owners will simply splash some chemicals on their pets back, or give them a nice chemical emitting leash to wear around. The question about whether the cure is worse than the disease certainly applies here. So, the real question is if we have a better alternative…. As usual, the answer is yes.

Natural Pet Health

There are a variety of safe and natural alternatives for the health of our pets. Most involve solutions you can do right at home. Here is a list of the most effective:

Keep your Pets Naturally Healthy

The easiest and most practical tip is to keep our pets as healthy as possible. Simply put, fleas, ticks, and other parasites don’t seem to be attracted to healthy pets as often as those that are unhealthy. A quality diet of natural pet foods and an avoidance of excessive “fillers” in treats and scraps is a great place to start. A strong immune system is step one in natural pest control.

Control Their Environment

The best form of natural flea control is a preventive approach. Since fleas lay their eggs almost anywhere, creating and maintaining a sanitary environment is crucial. Try getting rid of fleas by vacuuming at least weekly and frequently washing any animal bedding or cages. It is also important to replace your vacuum filter bags when you are finished, so fleas don’t escape.

Your yard can also be a source of both fleas and ticks and must also be maintained for prevention of infestation. Make sure to avoid excessive chemicals in your yard and make sure to keep your lawn cut, and overgrown weeds kept clear to avoid populating your entire yard with insects

Groom Regularly

Although professional grooming is a nice way to go about this, not everyone has the money. The most economical approach is to frequently use a small flea and tick comb. Not only is it good for your pet’s skin and coat, but it keeps them clear of pests. Bathing your pet routinely will go a long way in your natural pest control attempts. It is recommended that you bath your pets at lease every other week. Also, make sure to avoid chemical flea shampoos. A soap and water bath should be sufficient.

Natural Pet Supplements

As with many insects, fleas and ticks dislike the odor and taste of garlic and yeast. Particularly for dogs, adding these food supplements into their food can make them more immune to these unwanted pests. Since garlic may be harmful to cats, yeast may be your bet.

Other natural pest control repellents include vitamin B1 and apple cider vinegar. Both can benefit your pet by strengthening their immune system and making them more healthy overall.

Natural pet should be a holistic approach that includes diet, nutrition, and exercise. The same applies to natural pest control. For these techniques to be effective, they should be used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle you already provide your pets with.

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