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How to Reduce Inflammation with Nopalea


I’ve heard a lot of chatter recently about a new and “magical” cactus juice called Nopalea that is making rounds on the late night infomercials. So, in typical fashion, I wanted to see exactly what the buzz was about.

A cursory Google search for Nopalea will yield a tremendous amount of disparate information about what appears to be a pretty straight forward product. In its basic form, it’s simply cactus juice that is extracted from The Nopal Cactus out of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Sounds simple enough, but why all the hype?

Upon further review I became intrigued by the idea of this Nopalea juice, as it is a natural product, which is also clinically proven to have a variety of exotic and rare antioxidants that can contribute to a naturally healthy lifestyle.

  • Improved breathing
  • Dramatic decrease in total body inflammation
  • Cleansing of free radicals and toxins
  • Lessened swelling in joints and muscles, leading to faster recovery for athletes
  • Promote cellular health
  • Potential to protect against premature aging
  • The Betalains antioxidant found in the drink may limit the unwanted LDL cholesterol
I can tell you as a person with a healthy dose of cynicism that I don’t implicitly trust any product without trying it myself. However, anecdotally I liked the idea of a natural product like Nopalea, which seems to be a likely source of the listed benefits. So, I decided to give it a try to see for myself.

In terms of application, I wanted to give it a try to aid in recovery from my athletic endeavors. I like to lift weights, bike, and run. Obviously, these activities can put a pounding on your joints, so this seemed like a good was to try the product to help with inflammation.

The first thing I noticed was the taste, which was surprisingly good. No “plant like” aftertaste or synthetic hues. This is good, because after a long run, you want some tasty refreshment.

I didn’t notice anything for a few days, but following a 10 miler one Saturday morning, I noticed that my normal shin splint pain was way better than expected. Also, I didn’t have the stiffness or the general weakness that often came with my post run cool down. This…was an immediate victory.

I’ve been taking Nopalea to reduce my inflammation now for a short while now and along with a diet to reduce inflammation, have seen good results. In other words, I feel good about the purchase. While I cannot tell you that it’s a miracle drug, I do feel good telling you that the product works. Like many natural health products, Nopalea is a tool to use and a potentially valuable tool for your healthy living endeavors.

Now, should you decide to make a purchase and see if it works for you, there are some notes that will be helpful.


Are there any artificial ingredients?

No. While the product contains other ingredients than simply the cactus juice, Nopalea uses only natural ingredients. Nothing artificial is included…

How long until I see results in reducing inflammation?

It’s hard to answer this clearly, but I noticed a difference after about a week. This can vary based on the level of your inflammation and your diet to reduce any inflammation.

Will Nopalea negatively interact with my other medications?

Obviously, you should ask your doctor, but all indications are no. Of course, you should still take all medication your are currently on. The product is not meant to be a replacement unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Is the Nopalea product guaranteed?

Yes. You would only pay shipping and would otherwise get a full refund within 60 days

Where can I purchase Nopalea?

I would go directly to the source: Nopalea Home Page

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