Why Parents Should Use Organic Baby Food

If you are like most parents, organic baby food is an afterthought and a luxury. The common reasoning is that since you grew up on processed baby food, then it’s fine to use the same for your children. While that reasoning makes sense on the surface, if you investigate a little deeper, you will find that organic baby food is far superior to our traditional alternatives and should not be so easily dismissed.

We all want to make sure that our children eat healthy and live fully. With a variety of organic options now available, the argument against their use is far diminished.

Reasons for Concern

Recent research has shown that children's developing bodies and minds are especially vulnerable to the toxins present in non-organic baby foods. Additionally, because baby food is condensed there is a good chance that the toxins are also more concentrated and more dangerous than once thought.

It is unfortunate, but many conventional foods simply cannot be cleaned. The residues from pesticides, chemical fertilizers and a variety of other agents may still be found on the foods, even after repeated washing! This of course, brings us all an increased chance of many diseases and illness, but especially to our children.

Some of the possible damages to your children include a disruption in function for their internal organs, uneven growth, and even reproductive damage.

Advantages of Organic Baby Food

  • Organic foods will taste better to your child. The pesticides and fertilizers will dilute natural flavors.

  • Most organic foods will not contain excessive salt, preservatives, and sugars.

  • Studies are now showing that Organic Baby Foods may have a higher concentration of nutrients than conventionally grown foods.

  • Toddlers who eat organically are shown to have one sixth the amount of toxins in their bodies versus those who eat conventional and processed foods.

What to Buy

As we’ve said, there are a number of good, reputable companies who are making organic foods, but there are certain types of foods that are especially important to buy organic. The following list should help you in your shopping:

  • Peanuts – including peanut butter

  • All fruits and vegetables, especially apples, strawberries and peaches

  • Potatoes

  • Peanuts – including peanut butter

  • Soybeans
So with all the research and debate over organic baby foods and whether they are worth the expense, parents must ask some simple questions. Do I want to take the chance in having unnatural chemicals in my child’s body? Do I want to chance the side effects that some think could be extremely dangerous? Are they worth the money?

Only you can answer these questions, but keep in mind that organic foods are likely to be better received in addition to being healthier. Besides, providing your children healthy foods from the beginning will help to ensure their naturally healthy lifestyle for years to come.

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