What are Processed Foods?

There has been much said about the negative impact of processed foods in a persons diet, but rarely is anyone pinpointing why that is. Let’s break it down.

Processed foods are those foods that have been put together to produce a marketable and easy to use snack or meal. On the surface, this doesn’t seem very sinister does it? It is simple economics that ultimately may create the unhealthy element.

When companies mass produce foods, they look for the most cost effective means of production, which includes the use of fillers and additives. These additives are cheap, easy to find, and often low quality ingredients. Take for example a hot pocket, or any other microwavable snack. Does anyone really think that the meat they use is even remotely high quality? Absolutely not! In fact, many times it isn't meat at all. It is more likely to be 98% filler and 2% meat. This is cheaper for the company and most people can't tell the difference because the artificial flavors are so strong. While I doubt I'm going to change the minds of a college student looking for a quick snack, I hope the thought of eating "junk" may help you move away from these "inconvenient truths"

Beyond the quality concerns, food processing creates foods that have often lost their nutritional value. Further, the refined sugars, excessive salts, and flavor enhancers can dull your ability to taste and can certainly play havoc on your digestive track. A steady diet of these foods will quite literally make you unhealthy and unhappy.

As a natural health enthusiast, your focus should be less on the dangers of these unhealthy meals, and more on the benefits of organic foods. Natural and organic foods are all the things processed foods aren’t. They are fresh, full of nutrients, free of pesticides, and good for the environment.

It’s now up to you to reach into your freezer and trash those unhealthy and unwanted foods and immediately get back on track to your natural health lifestyle. Trust me, you’ll feel better and be living better.

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