Redox Signaling and Your Health

Redox Signaling

Redox signaling has received quite a bit of publicity over the past year, as scientists are fervently researching the possibilities that exist with this fascinating science. In layman’s terms, redox signaling is a form of communication that happens within the body that allows things like free radicals and antioxidants to act as messengers to our cells.

This communication is used to rid the body of harmful substances (free radicals) and to clean up the oxidative stress and other types of damage that naturally occurs in our bodies. This process is continuous and vital to our health, but over time it becomes less efficient. This deterioration dramatically contributes to aging and health issues as time goes by.

The process of redox signaling is believed to be a primary part of life for nearly all organisms on the planet. The reactive molecules that are used to communicate, are critical for immune system function, as they facilitate the repair and replacement of disease ridden and damaged cells.

As with any form of communication, you need a communicator and a “receiver” or in this case, an “activator”. When cells are engaged in this process, there are two primary reactive molecules that accomplish this important task. The activator version of the reactive molecules is used to ramp up the native antioxidants in our body, while the communicator molecules allow us to fight of and redirect harmful substances. This is known quite simply as the healing process.
Perhaps the most fascinating part of this process is the activation of the antioxidants. This activation is a sharp contrast to the supplementation of synthetic antioxidants, as it engages those that already exist, naturally. This is truly fascinating science that gets to the core of our bodies functioning.

As antioxidants are stored in the body to deal with fighting free radicals and stress signals, they are crucial to the very foundation of our health. Without redox signaling, this process doesn’t work, and the antioxidants don’t get activated to start the process. This is why you hear the term “amazing molecules” when researchers reference the process. They are the little “engines” of our body.

Recent research on the topic has facilitated the creation of a product called, ASEA that claims to capture the reactive molecules in a bottle. They have used an enormous amount of financial capital to simply stabilize the molecules and to allow consumers the opportunity to “jump start” the communication process.

Consider the implications of this claim. The very process that is foundational to our overall health is now available in a bottle? It’s easy to be a skeptic. However, there are significant studies to suggest that ASEA research is substantive and real. In fact, these studies are available in many prestigious medical journals throughout the world. It is literally one of the most promising areas of medical and scientific study around. The links below will prove additional information on the ASEA research that has been accomplished over the past two years.

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