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Natural Smoking Cessation

Over the past ten years, many people have discovered natural smoking cessation options and natural cures for the nicotine cravings that can literally control people’s lives. These alternative therapies are cheaper, and research continues to show that they are safe and effective.

Much has been said and written about smoking and the dangers it poses for both the smoker, and those around them. By now, everyone is fully aware that habitual smoking is a pathway to cancer, emphysema, and ultimately death. So why do we live in a world where so many people are willing to smoke and harm themselves? I certainly don’t have the answer, but I think it’s safe to assume that the powers of peer pressure, followed by a powerful craving and addiction to nicotine are the primary culprits.

Smoking Cessation This addiction has led many to believe that there is no hope of quitting. They try and try but cannot put down the cigarettes. A person need not feel badly about their efforts and determination, as the physical addiction can literally create sickness when they abstain from the smoking, which of course, leads them back to square one. A strong determination is only one element of a good smoking cessation plan.

The following are some techniques that will help you to quit smoking and to live a naturally healthy lifestyle.

Natural Dietary Remedies

Take a multi-vitamin. The success of smoking cessation efforts is largely based on your overall health, and the nutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin C will help strengthen the immune system and your ability to handle cravings.

Surprisingly, sweet foods, like honey and fruits can lessen cravings, and help someone to quit smoking naturally.

Eat foods that are high in alkaline. This may change your taste buds reaction to certain tastes, particularly cigarettes. Types of foods include: spinach, raisins, and lima beans.

Drink plenty of water. Water serves to cleanse you body of toxins and leads to overall better health.

Follow a natural detoxification plan to cleanse yourself of as many toxins, and unwanted chemicals. This gives you more of a clean slate in your efforts to quit.

When you are feeling the urge to smoke, simply eat something salty, or place a bit of salt on your tongue for immediate relief.

Natural Home Remedies

Chew on a toothpick, sugarcane, licorice, or a straw when you have a craving. These will mimic the cigarette and satisfy the oral fixation, thereby creating a placebo effect of satisfaction.

Aromatherapy has shown positive results for alleviating nicotine cravings. The smell as well as the relaxing effect seems to lessen the urges.

Whenever you feel a craving, take a break and breathe deeply. After all, nearly half of what you inhale when smoking is air.


As controversial as it sounds, the advent of electronic cigarette's has created a bridge for those trying to kick the habit. The e-cigarette is simply an electronic tool that rapidly heats or vaporizes the synthetic tobacco to avoid the unwanted health implications of combustion.

We don't consider this to be a naturally health choice to quit smoking, per se, but we do view this as an interesting alternative that may positively impact nicotine dependency.

The FDA is really scrutinizing the electronic cigarette industry and is expected to ban their sale, as the potential for abuse can be high.

Mental Determination

Smoking cessation is all about commitment. Make the decision to quit, and follow through with it. Set your goals, write them down and then follow through. We certainly don't mean to oversimplify things, but mind over matter is applicable.

Consider all of the reasons you need to quit. Do you want to be naturally healthy? Do you have children you need to raise? Do you simply hate the smell and dust it creates? No matter the reason, you must convince yourself of its importance and maintain your resolve

Rise above the cravings. Yes, this is easier said than done, but psychologically, you must view the cigarettes as a crutch and the only way to get better is to lessen your reliance on the crutch and to walk on your own again.

There are few smokers who do not want to break the habit and fewer still who are unaware of why it is important for your health to quit smoking. It is clear that each person will have their own trials and tribulations in their efforts to quit, but with some effort and determination, it can be achieved.

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