Discover The Top 5 Asian Superfoods

Asian Superfoods

In many cultures, foods are considered medicine. Superfoods, as they are called, replace the pills and other “conventional” treatments that we often use. Make no mistake, the right mix of foods added to your diet can have “super” results.

The food culture in Asia is particularly adept at using superfoods for natural health, as they are very aware of food’s importance in their lives. The Asian diet uses a variety of natural foods and herbal remedies as a way of expressing themselves and for healthy living. While there are many choices to present, I’d like to share with you what many consider to be among the top Asian superfoods.

Shiitake Mushrooms

The shiitake mushroom is a world renowned herbal remedy and superfood that is the second most commonly produced edible mushroom in the world. This amazing mushroom has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, and even to treat and prevent cancerous tumors. Very impressive…


Tofu often gets a bad rap. It’s simply not manly enough for many meat-eating guys. However, this meat replacement, made from soybean milk is great for those looking to lose weight. Oddly enough, tofu is made in nearly the same way cheese is made from milk. The benefits of tofu are multifaceted and include lowering bad cholesterol, strengthening bones and lowering the risk of cancer. As an alternative to meat, Tofu is certainly a good option. Keep in mind that while tofu is healthy, it remains a processed food, which should be a consideration. Nutritionally, it is void of hormones and unhealthy food fillers, but is by no means a perfect food.


Miso is another great soybean product that is known for helping with weight loss plans. Most often known for its soup, Miso is very low in calories and helpful for immune system function. The magical soybean is truly a great Asian weight loss food.


Asian foods are often inspired and directly from the sea. Agar is one of those options. Basically, agar is seaweed that has many uses as a filler, for dishes like soups, and as a supplement used for suppressing appetites. In Japan, it is referred to as kanten. Agar is a great source of nutrients like calcium, fiber, and iron. It has also been used as a body detoxifier with some success.


Konjac sounds way too much like cognac to sound healthy but I promise you it is. This fancy fiber has been around for nearly 2000 years and is known to aid in appetite suppression and in keeping the digestive tract clean and clear. Also known as a natural cure for constipation, the konjac root is rich in potassium, phosphorous selenium and calcium.

Whether you are looking at Asian foods for weight loss, or for their natural antioxidant properties, you simply cannot go wrong in using the foods on this list. Depending on where you live, it may prove to be a challenge to find some of these options; however I would recommend looking at Asian-specific grocers, as well as online options, such as Mountain Rose Herbs. I wish you continued luck in this and all of your natural health endeavors.

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