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Top Ten New Years Resolutions

The old year has passed and the New Year has finally come.With that tome now gone forever, it's time to move forward. So, there's no time to lose in making some quick resolutions.

The new year is always an impetus for change and new resolutions. Let's look at our Top Ten New Year Resolutions:

Have a Balanced Diet

Today there are innumerable people with health problems, due to an inadequate diet. Americans are especially guilty of the microwave meal routine and the subsequent health issues that follow.

In a balance diet, you can have vegetables, salads, cooked foods, fish, fowl, fruits, nuts, diary products, herbal teas and juices. This should be taken in the right proportion and at the right interval of time to maintain a balanced diet.

Protect Animals, Trees and Conserve Water

Nature is filled with wonders and it is the duty of every person to be a good steward of our environment. This will not only help in reducing pollution, but allow you to feel better in doing so.

Go Out For A Vacation

Due to the amount of stress in our daily lives, people hardly have time to spend with their family. A vacation with family members is the perfect opportunity to spend more time together and to bring you closer together. Going out for a vacation will reduce the stress and allow you to get back to your normal routine invigorated and refreshed.

Get Out of Debt

It seems that everyone is being influenced by the recession. While the government and big businesses have plenty of culpability,it is the individual's responsibility to change their behavior. Curtail your expenses and save when you can, but above all, Get Out of Debt!

Help & Serve Others

Many of today's charitable organizations are asking for your help. Try to help others, donate small amounts whatever is possible towards a good cause. There are many great charities that benefit the sick, diseased, and impoverished. Can there be a better way to start of the new year?

Working Harder To Maintain your Job Security

Today with increasing competition, and increasing layoffs, survival is a big question. In order to survive, you must make yourself invaluable and irreplaceable to your company. The ball is in your court..

Make New Friends

With online chat websites, social networking and other online groups available, you can improve your social contacts as well as friend circles. Make new friends and catch up with long lost friends. This is a very rewarding experience and a great New Year's Resolution.

Create a Natural Health Lifestyle

It is important for every individual to improve his or her lifestyle by controlling their emotions. Try to think positive and watch the amazing impact on your life.

Get Some Sleep

All of us could use more sleep. The recommendation is for 7-9 hours each night. The stresses and rigors of the day can make i difficult to settle down, but studies continue to show that proper rest actually boosts your attitude and performance.

Learn New Things and Impart that Knowledge to Children

With the advancement of science and internet, there are many new concepts coming each and every day. So it is better that you try to keep yourselves updated on each and every concept and try to gain the maximum knowledge. Try exploring new ideas and new thoughts. Share your knowledge with children and provide them with good education.

Venkatesh Iyer has been writing several articles in his blog.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Venkatesh_Iyer

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