Whole Foods

Whole Foods are those foods that have not been altered from their natural state. Generally they are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and are widely known as the world's healthiest foods.

This description can only be true, if they are not processed and can be provided in a way that none of their nutritional characteristics have been modified, which gives you the maximum amount of original natural nutrients. This level of nutrition that is naturally present has led to descriptions like "superfoods" and "healing foods". Whatever you want to call it, they are simply better for you than any processed alternative.

Synthetic or processed foods create conditions in the body that disrupt the harmony of your digestive system which is vital for your overall "chi" or life-force.

In fact, processed foods present a variety of health issues to the extent that some doctors refer to them as “toxic”. They can cause a variety of maladies include things like IBS, headaches, and even insomnia. A whole foods diet ensures that all parts of digestion work smoothly – absorption, assimilation, and elimination, which is critical for Natural Health.

The idea of eating this type of diet is all about a natural balance and balancing your body’s systems so that they each run efficiently in order to make you feel your optimal best.

Research continues to show us that eating a diet based on natural foods results in lower risk of disease and promotes a naturally healthy lifestyle.

A deficiency of even one important nutrient can cause imbalances that lead to physiological or psychological problems.

Below is a working list of whole foods recipes are listed to provide you and your family with a wealth of protective compounds as part of a healthy diet plan.

Whole Foods

Whole Food Recipes

Macaroni and Greens

Crispy Potato Cakes

Sesame Potato Skins

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