Natural Health through Wild Edible Plants

The knowledge to gather wild edible plants for their healing properties or their exquisite taste has become a lost art. Once a necessity for survival has become outdated, unnecessary, and mundane to most folks.

Giant food processing plants and the focus on our daily lives has taken us away from the need to search for our food, but I submit to you that there is still joy to be had and natural health to be earned from finding wild edible plants and making them part of your Natural Health Lifestyle.

Why is foraging for wild edible plants a good idea?

1 They are cheaper than their counterparts at the grocery store

2 They are organic "superfoods" and very nutritious

3 It can grow into a healthy hobby Learning about wild edible plants can be a daunting task. It makes you wonder about the trial and error that others had to experience to learn about them in the first place.

Wild Edible Plants

Thank goodness those others that have already provided us some guidelines on where to search for and how to use our wild edible plants. There are a number of field guides that are available that show in full color illustrations the size and texture of the plants you are examining. This is clearly a good place to start.

Some additional tips when searching for edible plant life:

Avoid roadside plants, and those growing near homes and buildings, as they are likely contaminated with either pesticide or road “grime”.

Be wary of plants that are showing signs of decomposition. They may carry dangerous fungus on them.

The best time to ensure proper identification is when the plants are flowering, since most of them have a unique appearance in their flowers and fruits.

If you are not sure what the plant is…don’t try it. Searching for these plants is about natural health, not about risk taking. Do some more homework and look again another day.

To avoid potentially poisonous plants, stay away from unknown plants that have milky or discolored sap or Beans, bulbs, and seeds inside of their pods. The bottom line in searching for wild edible plants is to have fun with it and to realize the potential benefits. There are a variety of group and clubs who gather for field classes and hikes that could be very helpful in your endeavor. Happy Trails!

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